Flipping the Classroom

Aaron Sams and John Bergman are science teachers at Woodland Park High School in Colorado.

These videos, sponsored by Techsmith the company that makes the screen recording software Camtasia and Jing, spotlight how these educators leverage asynchronous lectures in order to free up classroom time for application and demonstration of skill mastery. Similar to the program I work with, Students are not allowed to move on to new concepts until they demonstrate mastery of the previous subject.

As Bergman explains in his video, this allows him to individualize the learning for each student’s level of understanding. Students with a firm grasp on the content can be challenged further and students who are struggling can get the specialized help that they need.

Flipped Classrooms and Video as Homework

Flipped Classrooms and the Mastery Approach to Learning

Have you made changes in the classroom that allow you to spend more time interacting with your students and less class time lecturing?

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