KCPW Online Education

So I decided to get on the airwaves the other day and … well go here and skip to 33:21 if you’d like to hear me being a lot less articulate than I thought I was being.

KCPW City Views – Online Education

I guess it’s good radio/TV when the show brings on two parties with polar opposite opinions and have them duke it out. Unfortunately, the format didn’t help this conversation get to the reasons so many students are coming out of school with poor skills (other than standardized test taking skills.) The show cast online education as needing to defend itself against traditional schools. My feeling was that this conversation danced around a lot of issues facing public and higher education.

  • Teacher pay/Unions
  • Eroding funds
  • Are students actually learning anything?

We have to start asking a lot of uncomfortable questions when it comes to education. I’d like to see the HatfieldMcCoy-esque debate between traditional and online be put to rest because their and strengths and weaknesses to both. Ultimately, it’s distracting people from making progress on more important debates.

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