Literacy vs. Fluency

20120220-234348.jpgThe article The difference between digital literacy and digital fluency on the site got me thinking about the project-based programs I work with and the similarities the author brings up.

The article describes people with a level of digital “literacy” as someone who knows of digital tools and how to use them. It goes on to describe people with a level of digital “fluency” as someone who can take those tools and use them at the appropreate time and place for a desired effect.

In the project-based programs, we evaluate the learners on a scale of Does Not Meet, Meets and Exceeds versus a set of competencies (or skills) that need to be mastered in order to move to the net project.

It could be argued that the difference between a learner in one of our programs getting a meets versus an exceeds is the difference between literacy and fluency of a competency. I wonder if this distiction would make explaining how the programs work easier? What do you think?

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