One Possible Future of Modern Colleges

Professor Lloyd Armstrong, Provost Emeritus at the University of Southern California, posted an interesting article about what the college of 2020 will look like. He makes a point to say the college of 2011 wasn’t clearly defined and neither will the college of 2020. He goes on to say:

I think there will be significantly fewer accredited colleges in 2020, and the mix of sizes, approaches, missions, and resources will be quite different from today.

On the subject of student learning, I found this part particularly interesting:

Numerous institutions probably will emulate the Western Governors University [and Westminster College – Chris] and move to competency –based evaluations that enable students to move through the system at their own pace. Such approaches allow students to acquire knowledge from many sources, including work or online programs of their choosing, and get credit from the “home” institution by demonstrating competency.

I think the interesting feature of an entirely competency-based system would be one where you could choose the institution you studied the discipline. i.e. your financial classes at Cornell, your management classes from Harvard, your marketing classes from Westminster and at the end, graduate with a degree with the best of all worlds. This is a really cool look at the future of colleges, now if I can only convince the schools to move on from overhead projectors.

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